Monday, March 16, 2009

GOP Turns To The Airwaves For Advice

Republicans need to chill their shit out.  Barack Obama walked into the worst economic disaster since the great depression. It is absolutely infuriating to hear conservative pundits cry socialism; when the employment rate is hovering around 8% (and climbing) it seems that some radical measures are necessary. Besides, if capitalism and the Bush Presidency go hand in hand, than I think we may needs us a little socialism. Change.

Red states, don't lose your heads just yet. Give the President some fucking time.  My prediction is that he enable the killing of less innocent Iraqis than good ole' G.W. consented to in his entire eight.  Maybe we can even get Marijuana decriminalized on a nationwide basis. Hope.

Ever since McCain and Palin have ducked out of the picture (don't even get me started on Bobby Jindal), it has become evident that radio host Rush Limbaugh is now the de facto head of the conservative movement in the US.  It should be dually noted that Rush, along with fellow conservative talking head Sean Hannity, never even graduated from college. What does that say about the downtrodden state of the Republican party in America? The reality is that these two overly opinionated clowns, who spew hate and intolerance on a daily basis, are the current overseers of the GOP.  Did I mention that the new anointed GOP chairman Michael Steele actually issued an apology for saying that Limbaugh was "just an entertainer?" Whipped.

Politics can be so gross.

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