Friday, April 3, 2009

March Sadness Brings April Gladness

Baseball season always comes out of nowhere. Throughout March my focus is obviously on the Flyers in their stretch run towards the NHL playoff.   Sometimes I allow myself to be distracted with the NCAA tournament for a hot second, but I have always had a hard time consistently following basketball.  Growing up as a member of the diehard Philadelphia Flyers faithful has led to my preference for watching hockey in the winter months, along with the fact that the Flyers have been a playoff team for as long as I can remember.  Basically, I was able to survive a great deal of nasty Pennsylvania winters throughout my adolescence by attending a multitude of hockey games and concerts.  But just when I am about ready to take a hammer to the face out of frustration with spring's reluctance to come around, the beginning  of the MLB season signals that hope is on the way.

For those that can't appreciate the beauty and depth inherent in the game of Baseball: I feel sorry for you.   Every at bat is a game in its self.  The strategy, the athleticism, and the home runs can make for a hell of a night at the ballpark.  Also, unlike any other major sport, baseball teams play nearly everyday.  This allows the cultivation of a especially strong relationship between the fan and his team.  During the summer months, I always had Phillies games to look forward to virtually every night.  It becomes ingrained into your routine. Not to mention the best aspect(by far) of baseball ,which is physically attending the games.  There are very few summer memories I have that are better than sitting with a beer(preferably a Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale) and a cheese steak(or an italian sausage, depending on my mood) on a comfortably warm night at Citizens Bank park in South Philadelphia.  To me, it is just the ultimate indicator of Summer.  My absolute favorite time to be alive. 

April 5, 2009- Phillies vs. Braves.  8pm on ESPN 2.  Return of the world champs.

And so it begins...

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